This might be in keeping with a survey (Qandil et al

This might be in keeping with a survey (Qandil et al

First: Have there been statistically extreme variations in the reasons towards postponing period of ong More youthful Jordanians for the Amman on account of geographical origin by the decide to try of your research?

Independent T try among the aspects of put off relationships many years (public and financial) style of Jordanian youthfulness for the Amman and geographical resource yourself test the research

There exists mathematically high differences in the fresh personal factors that cause this new later ages of people on account of geographic source the spot where the quantity of advantages (0.000) that’s less than (??0.05) plus the supply of the difference is due to the newest rural source, with respect to the mathematical average In which the mathematical medium to them is actually (step three.55) that will be higher than the population of your city in which the statistical medium is actually (step 3.46), simply because the newest rural anybody nonetheless conform to the conventional character of your own nearest and dearest in terms of mode standards and you may requirements from the band of a life partner, They believe you to personal factors donate to brand new late chronilogical age of the newest husband among young adults within the Jordanian people.

As for the financial reasons for the fresh later age ong Jordanian youth, there had been differences out-of mathematical importance because of geographical origin, the spot where the amount of relevance (0.016) is lower than (??0.05) while the supply of the differences try due to the newest rural supply, according to the analytical medium where analytical medium to them are (cuatro.29) and that’s more than the municipal origin in which the mathematical medium is (cuatro.12) and because the people of your countryside its fiscal conditions much more tough as compared to individuals of this new city by limited financial items it behavior and their significance of personal services, and this refers to not consistent with investigation (Qandil et examine the link al, 2013).

First: Have there been statistically extreme variations in the brand new social ramifications of your later age man considering the gender of your study take to professionals?

There exists zero mathematically high differences in this new personal implications of one’s late period of man on account of gender, the spot where the quantity of benefit (0.068) was more than (??0.05), this really is a recognition of social consequences out of delay marriage decades to possess young people that happen to be later in marriage, hence young people of late wedding ages live-in noticeable personal standards and you may damage to all the people in the fresh decide to try. , 2013).

Second: Were there mathematically high variations in the latest social ramifications of one’s later age of guy as a result of the chronilogical age of the study test?

The value of F try (6.214) that have a degree of freedom (3,381) on the societal effects of late ages of guy within the amount of dependence on (0.000) which is less than 0.05 and you will through the more than we ending that we now have mathematically extreme differences in the fresh new social implications of delayed man due to age.

That there exists mathematically high variations in the latest public effects out-of new later chronilogical age of people as a result of the host to house where in fact the quantity of benefit (0

008) which is below (??0.05) additionally the way to obtain the difference are attributed to the fresh new outlying people, according to mathematical medium in which it actually was The mathematical medium in their eyes are (4.24) which will be more than the populace of your own city where their analytical medium is (4.03), referring to because folks of the brand new country side, feel the consequences more than the people of town by the virtue of the very first personal affairs, and you can stick to culture and you can life style more Metropolitan dwellers, this will be consistent with the data (Qandil, mais aussi al., 2013).

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