The latest Chewa individuals, an effective Bantu ethnic class native to central and you can Southern Africa, is the premier ethnic classification inside Malawi

The latest Chewa individuals, an effective Bantu ethnic class native to central and you can Southern Africa, is the premier ethnic classification inside Malawi

Among the Chewa, boys and girls commonly supposed to participate in sex ahead of relationship, which all the tips to socially length all of them on the contrary sex

They are also called AChewa. Its vocabulary is known as Chichewa. Phiri as well as the Banda constitute the two most notable Chewa clans. The latest Phiri clan is actually of this kings and you may aristocracy, while the Banda clan was in the healers and you may mystics. It constitute a society of just one.5 million individuals.

Brand new Chewa anybody method this new rite from marriage meticulously, with younger men and women to avoid getting married very early. Constantly, parents are not meant to mention affairs associated with marriage which have its people as it’s generally sensed forbidden.

For the outlying setup, boys and you will girls was elevated inside their parents’ homes otherwise made to live-in adjoining huts, including kitchen areas. After, when signs of adolescence begin proving, he could be separated from their parents’ household and commence living with other girls and you will boys. It break up lets them to discover significantly more issues associated with the adulthood, plus marriage. Boys are certainly not designed to start shaving the beards if you are residing the parents’ residential property

Towards boys, asleep during the a great mphala lets them to openly talk about development, ong this new young people. This new girls sleep-in the gowelo so you’re able to easily mention issues linked on the innovation and matrimony. It includes space for these young people one another is educated and you may legitimate inside their communities. So it tenet will also help younger people to understand “ Umunthu ,” otherwise known as Ubunt u, among other people for the Southern area Africa. Umunthu form being accountable for the experience you to takes while the a keen individual.

One of many Chewa ‘ mtsibweni’ or malume (uncle into boy) gets the obligation to help you supervise the upbringing out-of his nephew and you can make certain that he’s broadening predicated on Chewa community and is bringing complete duty from inside the family as he matures. Basically, mtsibweni provides pointers and you will guidance, catering on the boy’s needs and keeping track of his progress.

To have girls, azakhali (aunt) accounts for offering pointers and you may making sure almost all their means is out-of-the-way. She and additionally monitors their own development and you can measures in the community.

In the event the sibling sees that the boy was grown up and are showing demand for girls, the guy always faces him, threatening your which have terminology such as for instance “women are hazardous, and can burn your.” Such as for example sentences are typically ambiguous however, vital during the avoiding the boy from indulging inside the teenage sex and having partnered from the a tender ages. He carefully communicates which have girls and you will feamales in town due to the fact a consequence.

Boys sleep in what’s labeled as mphala (a house designed for boys of the same a long time), when you’re girls sleep-in what is labeled as gowelo (a property getting girls of the same age groups)

In the event their peers laugh toward boy that he’s today grown up, the guy gets crazy, arguing he could be still young – this considering the uncle’s dictate meant to reduce brand new boy from engaged and getting married very early. This decrease suppresses chisawawa (disorder) and, as such, one of the Chewa , people are socially distanced. For the churches, in the funerals, and other events, they remain by themselves as a result of the idea or training that women can ruin otherwise shed men.

One of many Chewa, there are different methods of getting partnered, also an agreed upon relationship. Even though the practice is becoming diminishing aside, the fresh new Chewa practice arranged marriage ceremonies. If uncle sees his nephew is ready getting marriage, the guy arranges which includes older men in the area to test so you can determine your so you’re able to wed the latest girl the newest buddy and other older folk in the neighborhood enjoys accessible to. Generally this new Chewa marry msuweni (cousin) because there are a belief in common the fresh new clan together. So it tradition is called kusunga mtundu (not enabling clan players so you can get married additional their particular). Through this belief, they would like to remain relationships closer.

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