Audio to the rue motif are attribute out of Lithuanian folklore

Audio to the rue motif are attribute out of Lithuanian folklore

In one variety of Lithuanian grazing tune, the mythopoetic picture of rue is linked into photos off dew and a good cow swimming throughout the ocean: ‘Ralia rolia, Cow, rue,/ [. ] Where could you be? / [. ] Mine was swam tossed the waters,/ [. ] Exploit is actually dew rubbed, / [. ] Exploit a turf was ingested, / [. ] Cow are grazed because of the cowherds, / Ralia rolia, Cow’s milk products was drinked’. (KTR 120 (35), Ignalina region, Lithuania, filed from inside the 1987).

In another tune, rue try on the Morning Celebrity and you can a flower backyard regarding lawn: “Oh Morning Star / About yard, ciuto, / On rose lawn, ruto” (Slaviunas 1959: 365-367).

The newest wreath symbolically signifies brand new vulva, and the horse’s trampling from a great rue backyard, stated from the tunes, is actually tantamount to presenting a great sexual intercourse that have an effective virgin (1935: 235-237)

A great wreath out-of rue is much more regarding a symbol character, during genuine heritage rue was only one extract one of numerous that might be only woven with the a good bride’s wreath so you can enhance the top of brand new crown, or a little wreath off rue might be linked to an effective bride’s lead.

The new mythopoetic picture of rue (or an excellent wreath regarding rue) in the folklore is short for a good girl’s puberty, a great bride’s virginity, natural matrimonial like, readiness, additionally the purpose so you’re able to marry alone

A greatest style of relationships musical tells regarding the good boy whom tours to the a horse one to methods on the a great girl’s rue garden and you can tramples off rue; or an effective girl asks an excellent boy to go back their own rue wreath, however, the guy declines since the he has given they to help you their horse. Or even in the fresh Eastertide sounds a powerful northern wind blows a rue wreath away from an excellent virgin’s head into the sea; she cries piteously; then the girl requires about three brothers – all fishermen – so you’re able to retrieve their particular wreath regarding the water. It consent – however, consult a gift reciprocally; the newest virgin intends to promote a wonderful band to your basic, a silk sash to another, and also to marry the third. Otherwise a lad swimming to get a great virgin’s rue wreath away of the water actually starts to block and attach the fresh girl having a guarantee to expand rues in his recollections into their grave.

Considering J. Baldauskas, rues, a great wreath out of rues, or an effective rue yard, are a symbol of an effective virgin by herself. Hence, whenever presenting good rue so you can good boy, a great girl generally seems to offer herself so you can him.

Growing rues for the an excellent maiden’s flower yard symbolises the latest carefree childhood and you may attractiveness of a beneficial virgin. Regarding Lithuanian hen-people songs, living of a good maiden is usually personally compared to a great rue, that its very own change is also linked with mint and you will lily: ‘I sowed rue, / I sowed mint, / I sowed an effective lily, / We sowed my personal young days / Instance an eco-friendly rue // [. ] Good rue blossoms [. ] / Additionally the boy is originating / That have a steel scythe / He cuted down rue [. ] / He cuted off my younger weeks, / Such as for example a green rue [. ].’ (LTR 4312(11), Varanava part, Belarus, recorded from inside the 1971).

The evident mythologic history away from rue’s picture in the context of the fresh Dragon and Hero’s race and of this new ritualistic conversion regarding a beneficial maiden on an excellent rue, reminding of the story book story out-of their own struggle with an excellent dragon regarding the Baltic-Slavic people customs, is told me by the T. Civyan (1989).

A unique Lithuanian Introduction-Xmas tune, ‘Oh, palace, castle, leliumoj’, portrays a comparable mythologic state. Inside good greate manor (palace) no one try walking, with the exception of an earlier girl. She picked a rue and you will weaved an excellent wreath. Instantly a very old unmarried man approached their particular with the horseback. ‘Oh, We transfigured, leliumoj, / To your environmentally friendly rue, leliumoj’, she says. ‘A very old guy went shortly after me which have a good picker the guy picked new rue and only its root remain; I got transformed into a sea fish and the old man went shortly after me which have a spear; I got changed into a variegated cuckoo therefore the old man chased after myself having a tool; I got transformed into a superstar regarding the air, while the old man chased just after me that have a cloud; clouds emerged, rains fell and you will drowned you to definitely dated man’. (LTR 2618(1), Salcininkai region, Lithuania, submitted during the 1948).

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