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Afriwood Media,is a full service Film & TV financing, production, co-production and production services facilitation company. Afriwood Media also produces TV Ads and Documentaries for the largest West African Brands and institutions.  We are Ghana-based production services company offering a full range of film, TV and New Media production service. With over 12 years of production experience, Afriwood Media represents the pinnacle of expertise for production service in Ghana. Our first-rate producers, technicians, and crew deliver a production experience second to none.


Our Services

We provide all related movie and picture production services across the country and beyond. We are dedicated to offering high-quality services and technological assistance in order to favorably respond to our clients’ requirements and desires, ensuring that they receive nothing but quality and satisfaction.


We deal with all cast and the contracts which include usages and performance for that region (TV, Internet and Print)


We Prepare Budget For Your Favourite Film, TV Series, Photography Documentaries, and Commercials


We Manage Your Production services like LP, UPM, AD, Production Supervisors and Coordinators


We Provide Scouting, Procurement and Management Of Locations All Over Ghana and Africa


We Secure State and Country Film Permits including drone permits, Fire, Police, Army, Customs, Insurance Bond etc


We Provide ATL and BTL. Local Crew for all Departments For Your Production Services


Security for production, production office, drives, talent, Celebrities and International Crew


Driver/ Chaperones with vehicles. Production Vehicle fleet, including honey wagons and holding


We Provide ATL and BTL. Local Crew for all Departments For Your Production Services

Meet Our Leadership

Haruna Seidu Soale is a film producer and production manager of Ghanaian origin. He is the CEO of Afriwood Media. He had his film training in Mohali, India, which brought to the company highly valued skills and talents ranging from music, finance, management, marketing, and promotion to film production. “Ties That Bin,” his first international film with Turning Point Pictures USA, won numerous awards and was named Best Diaspora Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival in 2012. It was directed by BAFTA Award-winning director Leila Djansi and starred Hollywood actress Kimble Elise. As a result, Cotton Twine, directed by Leila Djansi and nominated for an Oscar at the Los Angeles Film Festival, was the first Ghanaian film acquired by Netflix in 2015.

Mr. Soale also produced another award-winning movie, titled “Northern Affair,” which also netted 11 nominations at the 2013 Movie Awards. Winning Jury Special Awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer, Best Editing. In 2014, Mr. Soale managed and produced another award-winning web TV series titled “Poisoned Bait” for Iroko TV and DSTV, and in

In 2016, he also managed and produced Sink or Swim (SOS) for TNA Production in 2015, which got the endorsement of (IOM). He has also managed an award-winning movie called BLACK BEACH and TRADE STONE, which are on Netflix, and the latest TV reality show called Love Without Borders 2022, yet to air on Bravo TV in the USA.


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